The #japanesemaple is lookin mighty fine

The #japanesemaple is lookin mighty fine

Exklusive Song-Premiere bei SLAM: Zero Weed Tolerance von CANNABIS CORPSE - SLAM

New tune from Cannabis Corpse on this German blog!

Check out “Zero Weed Tolerance!”

Wolfman - Demo

Wolfman is a new metalcore four-piece who just released a demo with three songs.  We happen to really love the artwork by Kim Graziano.  Thomas Blankenship is the vocalist for the band, and he apparently also does engineering work.  We ran across a shout out to Thomas on the new release from With My Bare Hands (pictured below), a powerviolence band specializing in thrash.  Check out their demo just below:

photo by Fire At Will Photography

Recording a track with @b3nz0z #darkswirl #tchelicon

Recording a track with @b3nz0z #darkswirl #tchelicon

Fall Line Festival Lineup Announcement! September 5 & 6!

Hell yeah! Check out the whole list, and there will still be 20+ bands announced in the coming weeks!

HeadlessMantis - Blech

Headless Mantis, an experimental psych rock duo, has released two tracks as an EP called Blech.  Opening with a soundbyte from Zorak from Space Ghost Coast to Coast (the most evil mantis known to man), “SpeakGreasy” is some good ol’ swamp rock complete with rough edges.  Post-rock spatial qualities and garage influences demarcate “Sewer Baby (Shaky Hands).” These guys know how to make things loud without sacrificing the rest of their dynamics’ fluctuations. 

Catch HeadlessMantis on 4/25 @ Bigg’s BBQ w/ Imaginary Sons. 9 pm, not sure on the cover.

photo by Cassie Curry

Taje Carr - The View EP

Hip hop artist Taje Carr has released an EP of lofty samples and sweet covers.  Rick Ross’ “The Devil is a Lie” beat gets recycled for some freestyle which sounds pretty badass.  Check out “Understand” for some creative flow and what sounds like 90s R&B samples. 

Moss - Demo

Moss is an electronic project by Zak Goldwasser, and he just released an EP of three experimental synthpop tracks.  Some of the sounds border on dubstep but we’ll look past that.  Glimmering blips in “In Wonder” take the track to the next level.  “Mole People” lends a little mysterioso while being a little more ambient.

Samuel Dixon Photography - Richmond Virginia

Did you go to Record Store Day this Saturday? Samuel Dixon Photography went and documented the day at Steady Sounds for your viewing pleasure.

I effectively almost doubled my #steelydan vinyl record collection yesterday #RSD2014 thanks @groovedeep !

I effectively almost doubled my #steelydan vinyl record collection yesterday #RSD2014 thanks @groovedeep !