Little Sister - Mornings EP

Little Sister is a folk project by Alex Little, and she just released the Mornings EP in June.  Little played guitar and provided vocals while Clifton Gibbons helped with production.  The intimate acoustic tunes are reminiscent of Jolie Holland’s signature Southern drawl and invite the listener to mull things over with the raw-vocaled songbird. 

photo by Grant Turner

poster by Grace Huddleston

Early show THIS SATURDAY at Strange Matter!

Circulatory System (ex-Olivia Tremor Control, currently on tour with Neutral Milk Hotel)

The Diamond Center (RVA psych rock babes)

Father Sunflower and the Golden Rays (members of Palindrone, Antlers)

TOMORROW NIGHT!  (Wednesday, 7/24)

Imaginary Sons (new shirts! new free single!)

and The Mad Anthonys (Waynesboro jam trio)

9:00 pm, $5! ($10 tshirts)

Bord - Slowest Motions

The newest project from Ben Harsel (Ted Allen) is called Bord, with an umlaut, and he’s released four tracks of experimental electronic goodness. The soft strums of an acoustic guitar begin the album, while Harsel’s vocals join in a distant, faint fashion.  The video game keys and the texture of various electronics provide a pleasant mix in “Going.”  Are those pages turning?  I don’t think so.  It probably has something to do with recording to tape but I didn’t ask Harsel.  It’s reminiscent of The Virginia Moonwalker's Tascam 388.

"Bizarre Lemon" sees a faster pace and a fluidity of the soundscape.  The individual blips, tones, and scratches combine to form this buzz-worthy Beck or Flaming Lips awesomeness. Shoot, I might even say it sounds like Blind Melon.  Or Animal Collective.  Well, whoever it sounds like, we like.

Mens Room - “I Quit” 7”

Mens Room is back with a new 7”, and they’ve made one track available to listen before it comes out.  Releasing August 1, the “I Quit” 7” is full of dark sludge, spacey guitars, and Danzig-approaching vox.  The post-hc tune is over four minutes of distortion and catchy atonal vocals.  About three minutes in, the instrumentation gets faster and heavier for a minute’s worth of bombastic punk rock.

You can grab a copy at Vinyl Conflict.

Catch Mens Room at MyMansion this Wednesday, 7/23 with Bad Moon (WV psych rock - check out the song “Dumb Hipster Bitch”), Buster (Philly psych rock), and Herro Sugar (RVA psych).  Sugg. donation $5. 

Chi Unit - “Geronimo” (demo)

Chi Unit, a new roots trio, has released a demo track called “Geronimo.” Recorded at Sound of Music Studios, the song has flavors of funk, R&B, and more.  Vocalist/guitarist Zavi Harman shifts from his regular voice to falsetto seamlessly, and the transitions are really cool. 

Catch Chi Unit on 8/24 @ The Camel with Damn Tall Buildings AND

10/3 @ Gallery 5 for First Fridays

Griff’s Room Band - Shut the Case

Griff’s Room Band, an Americana/pop trio in RVA, has released a new EP called Shut the Case.  The string band trio began their career by busking in Colonial Williamsburg and then in Europe on a self-managed tour, and along the way played on many stages. Two acoustic guitars and a fiddle are all this trio needs. 

"Corner Booth" introduces the listener to the band on a jaunty note, as the high-intensity of the string band matches the excitement of the three-part vocal harmonies from heaven.  "Could Be" is the Americana answer to Boyz II Men with their lady-lovin’ and smooth talking (harmonizing).  The brightness of their instruments comes through in all of the songs. 

Catch Griff’s Room Band THIS FRIDAY, 7/25 @ On the ROX (I am loving their back room btw) at the band’s CD Release Show along with Lili and the Dirty Moccasins (RVA via Portland and Paris freak folk), 8:00 pm, FREE!

Alex Arod - Virginia Is for Hustlers

Sounds of RVA has your new fave summer jams!  One-half of the collective DFTH (Down For The Hood), Alex Arod, has released a brand spankin’ new mixtape called Virginia is for Hustlers.  Nasty beats, heavy rhyming, and .  The struggle is real, especially in the title track.  Synth floods “Homicide” featuring Ms. Song Bird, and her hook is so catchy, we could listen to her all day.  She appears again in “100 Days, 100 Nights” which I had hoped would be a Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings cover, but was pleasantly surprised with the awesomeness.  Arod channels 2Pac and mentions “Me against the world.” 

Hail Blackbird - Hail Blackbird EP

Hail Blackbird, a post-rock four-piece featuring former members of Microjoy and Lorem Ipsum, has released a brand new awesome self-titled 5-song EP!  “Prison Break” starts everything off on a dark, atmospheric note and then progresses to some heavy low-end (Bradley Lile on bass).  Synth-sounding guitars rip into some 80s gothic melodies before guitarist/vocalist Brian Landis conjures Peter Murphy of Bauhaus.  The darkness continues in “All Hail Vampires” which sees Landis making use of changing dynamics while the band shifts in pace from the hook to the space.  Don’t skip “Drunk City,” perhaps another epithet for RVA.  Heavy and gritty guitars support Landis’ soul-sucking reverberating vocals, and he speak-sings with great command.  Finally, make sure you spend some QT with “Trees,” a slow-building psychedelic nature excursion. With soundbytes of peepers and other night creepers, this track is especially earth-soul binding.  The spooky instrumentation helps echo the effect of the dank, swampy, and misty moods.

RIYL: Dead Fame, League of Space Pirates

Check out Hail Blackbird TOMORROW NIGHT (7/22) @ Strange Matter with Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires (Subpop Alabama R&R), Horsehead (RVA’s next Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), and Dwight Howard Johnson (Charlottesville pop/punk)! 10:00, 18+, $8.

#buddymiles Sunday tunes

#buddymiles Sunday tunes