#maxpainandthegroovies last night with visuals by #cosmichum

#dryfeet last night at SMatter

#dryfeet last night at SMatter

#campoformio from #puertorico last night

#campoformio from #puertorico last night

Savage Bones - A/B aka “Wild & Free” and “Impossible Love”

Richmond’s Savage Bones combines Americana, pop, and folk for a potent blend of modern country-rock.  Despite the metal-worthy band name, the band chooses its own sound away from the darkened paths of heavy metal.  We’re very curious about the origin of the name as you can see.  Anyway, “Wild & Free” finds a smattering of hand claps, anthemic whoa sections, and spacious, soaring chorus vocals. The male-to-female voice combination helps exude the gang-vocal mood of the piece.  John Kendall Royston and Ashley Pearse hit some complementary harmonies together while the piano rocks some slides.

The ambiance slows down for “Impossible Love,” and says “I don’t want impossible love/I just want you.”  Gorgeous lap-steel adds depth and twang to the ballad.

Below you’ll find “I Didn’t Move to Portland,” although it exhibits one of my least favorite stylistic choices….the “whoa” chorus a la The Lumineers.  It’s an easy trap to fall into, but I urge Richmond bands to step above it and create something in its entirety.  Don’t give up on the chorus!

Catch Savage Bones on 5/10 @ The Hippodrome AND 4/18 @ Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA.  The band is currently recording new tracks for an EP, taking new photos, and getting some videos ready!  Stay tuned.

Josey Whales - “Misery Depression” (prod. by Swellthy)

Josey Whales has released a new track mixed by MC Praze and produced by Swellthy called “Misery Depression.”  The somber tones help magnify the mood, and with lines like, “I feel like I’m going through some things…”  We can all identify with being in that dark space. 

Josey Whales says, “I was thinking about all the people I lost in my life, all the people that have no honor in my family, how I was brought up in a dark space and how drugs and alcohol really helped me escape reality.”

A member of Kids of Indigo, Josey Whales takes his name from the book by Forrest Carter and movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, the tales of a man seeking vengeance for his murdered family.

Check out this collection of beats by Swellthy called Share the Swellth Vol. 1 for some chav-hop with a side of synth.  He sounds like he’s British and his chillwave sounds are laid-back and breathy. His moniker stands for Healthy, Wealthy and Swell.

Stone Soul Music & Food Festival - Saturday, May 31, 2014 @ RIR! (Richmond International Raceway)

This festy took a break last year but is back in full force for 2014.

Stay tuned for musician/band announcements!

More info.

Resin Lung - s/t

I wrote a fairly lengthy post about this EP but tumblr froze and I lost it.  I really need to get to using that outside editing program. 

Resin Lung has released a self-titled two track EP, and it’s really nasty. The sludginess of the instrumentation perhaps illustrates the idea of clearing one’s lungs of resin obstructions, magnified and multiplied. 

You may be startled halfway through the second track, “Son of Saturn,” when an especially wahhed-out electric guitar pokes its nose in the gritty atmosphere.  Its relatively clean tone sticks out, but then melds nicely with the [edit: oops! I just simply forgot to finish this sentence….] muckiness.  As Jocelyn Plums once said, it’s so sludgy it broke her gravity bong.

The band is currently seeking a drummer.  The former drummer, Paul Johnson, was tragically murdered in February. 

Snowshoe Orangutang - Apocalypse Songs

Snowshoe Orangatang (sic) is a punk folk project by Alex Van Horn (White Oak), and he just released a three song EP. Recorded by Andrew Harrison at the Ghost House, the album feels intimate like a live performance.  “An Explicit Letter” has a gloomy chord progression and some wild expletives, but it’s a perfect scorned or jaded song feeling.  Disgruntled would be putting it lightly.

Make sure you listen to the Tom Waits cover, “Dead and Lovely.”  He puts a youthful naivete on the somber tune.  The life he puts into his guitar seems like everything he’s got, and it’s pretty cool.

Topshelf Records

Sundials signs to Topshelf Records!

Thanks, Britt!

Lightfields - “Junior”

Lightfields' latest single, “Junior,” was just released as a preview title track for the band's upcoming full-length.  Recorded at Snake Oil Studios with Dan-O Deckelman, the tune electrifies the senses.  Taking cues from 90s garage rock like the band Pavement, the band unleashes an unrelenting stream of buzzing guitars and gang vocals.  The melody rings out like a beacon in the night past the fog of instrumentation, and it’s catchy.  Gone is the sax, but the sexiness is still there.  We can’t wait for the rest of the album!

Catch LIghtfields tomorrow (Thursday), 4/10 @ Gallery 5 w/ Houdan the Mystic (Subterranea Collective math rock) and Red States (RVA freak folk/punk/rock). 7:00 pm, $3!  (fyi, Red States is about to hit the road next week and then be back to open for the 4/18 Local H show @ Canal Club!  I loved that song.)