Reppa Ton - “Laced Blunts” feat. Bateman and Toxsick

Reppa Ton (pictured below) is back with a new single and video collaboration with Toxsick BOOM and Bateman, and we can get down.  Grab your glowsticks and make a tarantula, cuz this shit is going down. Shoot, it’s practically the weekend. 

Toxsick also has a new EP out called Breath of Fire:

Watch: Lucy Dacus – “Map On A Wall” Video

CMJ recently featured Lucy Dacus and her video for “Map on a Wall” by Mackenzie Werner and Craig Zirpolo!  Enjoy the rooftop summer goodness with over 7 minutes of gorgeous female vocals and minimal electric guitar accompaniment.  Girl is goin places.

photo by Craig Zirpolo

Toxic Moxie - Episode V

You probably already knew this, but Toxic Moxie released a new album at the end of May.  We are just now getting around to listening to it, oops!  This electronic music is trippy, danceable, and catchy.  “Blurry” starts the album off with an extended drum roll (Danny Crawford). Pretty soon the futuristic space synth begins and vocalist Sera Stavroula's “oohs” create a really cool ambiance.  Once the beat drops, the EDM is rockin and polyrhythmic.  This band has been labeled “dirty disco punk” and it's hard to beat that epithet. 

Check out “All Man Made,” an especially blip-sounding electronic song.  Stavroula’s vocals are so effing even and commanding, it’s hard not to submit to the rock, and the couple of layers of her vocals really seals the deal. 

The band just left yesterday for a brief tour (but will be back in RVA TOMORROW, 7/12 @ Strange Matter with our boys Imaginary Sons, as well as Galvanize and Headless Mantis.  Here are tour dates:

Friday July 11- Washington DC at The Velvet Lounge w/ Derek Evry and His Band of Misanthropes, Galvanize and Harpo

Saturday July 12- Richmond at Strange Matter w/ Imaginary Sons, Galvanize and Headless Mantis

Sunday July 13th- Charlottesville at Crozet Pizza at the Buddhist Biker Bar w/ Galvanize

photo by Joey Wharton

Bone & Company - Galilee

Bone & Company, an neuvo-Americana outfit based in Harrisonburg, just released a new album recorded by Jacob Briggs @ River Wash Recording.  Led by singer/songwriter Robin Smith, Bone & Co. play some tender Virginia roots rock and folk for hungry ears.  Bone & Co. even involves other RVA musicians like Marcus Tenney. The band will be playing in RVA tomorrow, 7/11 @ Triple Crossing Brewery (7:00 - 9:00 pm)!

flyer by Tiffany @ Stubborn Press

Dumb Waiter - “Vegan Mustache Jazz”

Dumb Waiter has released a new awesome video of hypercolors, muppets, and more for their song “Vegan Mustache Jazz.” The video was directed and edited by PJ DeSutter and the director of photography was Craig Zirpolo. If you’ve ever heard the band or read a review of their music, you’ll realize their sound is hard to pinpoint, but people do it anyway. This math/jazz/punk incarnation provides an aggressive math fusion which emphasizes their funky, deranged taste. 

The video opens with guitarist Nicholas Crider neck tapping against vivid backgrounds and various bird-like Muppet creatures before the video heads into a laundromat with masked dancers.  It probably makes more sense if you’re freshly baked but it’s still a psychedelic explosion for the senses either way.  There’s probably some lady with an oversized dog head utilizing a fire extinguisher to put out a birthday cake.   If you can explain it, you win the prize.

Catch Dumb Waiter THIS SUNDAY, 7/13 @ Bandito’s with Night Idea and Dave Watkins before Dumb Waiter & Night Idea head on tour together! They might still need some help with NY dates.

Soft Time - The Demo

Four-piece goth punks Soft Time have just released a four-song demo recorded at River City Studios by Zach Fichter.  Watch for the upcoming print RVA Mag to read our review, and until then, enjoy the tunes. 

Catch Soft Time on 7/22 @ under a Church Hill bridge with RVA’s Orgasm and WV’s Ratship AND

8/4 @ En Su Boca AND

8/30 @ Gallery 5!

Metal benefit this Saturday, 7/12 @ The Canal Club!

This Saturday find yourself raging at the Canal Club to help some folks in the metal community recover after a particularly gnarly apartment fire!

Bands appearing will be (in no particular order):

Abandon Earth
I Am The Rapture
Violent Spectrums
Glitter Princess
Falling in Reverse Cowgirl
goddess Crow
Ensnared Humanity

Doors @ 4:00 pm, $8 adv, $10 door.  Come out and rage for a good cause!

Slugz - S/T LP

Whatchoo know about Slugz? Nothing here, either, but they just released 3 tunes from their recently released album called Slugz LP.  Catch some thrashy post-hardcore tunage while shredding out with guitar rock & roll. 

According to Feel It Records, an 11 song LP was recorded earlier this year with the new 5-member lineup at Sound of Music Studios by Ricky Olson. The album, available on vinyl (Steady Sounds had it earlier today) or cassette format, was mastered at North London Bomb Factory by Daniel Husayn.  The band just played a show at Strange Matter on July 4th with Fucked Up, Dry Spell, and Weed.

photo by ajacourts

The Congress - “Impatiently”

While jam band The Congress may hail from Denver, they have original roots here in Richmond.  The band stopped by The Broadberry back in May and then on to Riverrock that same weekend, and Absolute Future Studios was there to capture the live music experiences visually and aurally.  RVA got a double dose of the funk before The Congress headed back out on the road. RIYL: The Wood Brothers. This song, “Impatiently,” was really catchy and the video is as colorful as it gets in person.  Absolute Future Studios is finishing up a session with the Sean Peace Band (involving The Wailers’ drummer, Basil Creary) and has recently recorded Sideways Orange, Crenshaw, The JOB, and more!

Get in touch with Absolute Future Studios at:

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