The Congress - “Impatiently”

While jam band The Congress may hail from Denver, they have original roots here in Richmond.  The band stopped by The Broadberry back in May and then on to Riverrock that same weekend, and Absolute Future Studios was there to capture the live music experiences visually and aurally.  RVA got a double dose of the funk before The Congress headed back out on the road. RIYL: The Wood Brothers. This song, “Impatiently,” was really catchy and the video is as colorful as it gets in person.  Absolute Future Studios is finishing up a session with the Sean Peace Band (involving The Wailers’ drummer, Basil Creary) and has recently recorded Sideways Orange, Crenshaw, The JOB, and more!

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Roadside firework appreciation

#redwhiteandblue and #sabbath Happy 4th!

#redwhiteandblue and #sabbath Happy 4th!

DooF & KVSE - sHtruggle pHood

The tables have turned in the race for “cool” and the lispers have the advantage.  If you’re not familiar with hearing rap music by people with a lisp, get yourself acquainted with DooF on his latest release with KVSE - sHtruggle pHood. Doof, of Bayce Cannibals, is a busy producer experimenting with soul, classical, and other samples underneath his speedy spitting. 

Check out “Aun & Aun” with a sample perhaps from Eryka Badu’s “On and On” synth, but who knows.  The funky riff repeats while DooF does what he does best.  Listen to some futuristic space hop with “Zephyr (Still Vibin),” one of the shortest tracks, but it’s catchy and psychedelic. 

He also just dropped with Eu-iV called pHake Diip:

Get hype for new music from new stoner metal band Sematary!

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Ohbliv - MindGarden (cover art by Ashley Richardson)

The world-renowned Ohbliv is back with another full length beattape, MindGarden, and it’s guaranteed to put a sheen on your eardrums with its impressionable psychedelic chillwave loops.  From the deep throat funk bass lines of “Involved Tones” to the 90s R&B flavor (“Step to Peace”), the sounds are cool as shit and all over the place.  You are guaranteed to never get bored with his formulae.  The mind boggles about this guy’s vinyl record collection and how many gems must be there, with his mostly under utilized or rarely-heard soul jam gems. (At least, mine did.)  With the ultra vintage vibe, this is some of the most listenable electronic instrumental music from RVA today. 

Catch Ohbliv live in Norfolk this Saturday, 7/5 @ Granby Theatre with DJ Harrison, Sound Genesis, Gabe Niles, Better Beat Bureau, BTYM, Hoodboi, Falcons, and MORE!

Stopped by #FanNoodleBar last night for some new specialty cocktails designed by Britt with ingredients sourced from her roommates garden! #mimosa

Stopped by #FanNoodleBar last night for some new specialty cocktails designed by Britt with ingredients sourced from her roommates garden! #mimosa


At least it’s clean laundry. Today’s haul from @steadysounds #balaclava #phatblunts #compilation #toneloc #records

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