Galvanize - “Annabelle”

Philadelphia’s Galvanize is a gothwave electronic duo consisting of Peter Milos and Scott Frassetto (of Moby drumming fame) and they will stop by Emilio’s this Thursday, 4/3 w/ Toxic Moxie (RVA disco punk), Short Skirts (RVA synth noise), and Machette (RVA electro DJ duo).  10 pm, FREE!

The duo (pictured below) calls themselves Daft Punk meets Queens of the Stone Age, and we’d tend to agree.

Don't Legalize It: A Conversation with Bernard Robichaud of the Trailer Park Boys

Readers, if you dig The Trailer Park Boys, check out my interview with Cyrus (Bernard Robichaud!)  Then make sure you see Don’t Legalize It! in theaters on 4/20.

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#lumerians on this rainy Sunday

#lumerians on this rainy Sunday

Busking is very much a part of the RVA music scene.  Carytown buskers are always the first that come to mind, from the dulcimer-playing-lady and bucket bands to banjo and acoustic guitar and big brass bands, the entertainment comes in all varieties and genres.

The Virginia Center for Latin American Art (VACLAA) and #BPRVA present the competition to win the Bill “Bojangles” Robinson Great Busk Award!  It all goes down next week from April 3rd-5th @ parking lot of VACLAA on Broad/Moore’s Auto Body in the Arts District

Local bands Lobo Marino, Miramar, Richmanian Ramblers, and DJ Mikemetic will perform after the busking events on Friday, 4/4 @ Black Iris Gallery (321 W. Broad Street)

I did not write the following:

"The Great Busk is an exciting new opportunity for Richmond’s music community to create awareness of the excellent grass roots performers that make life in RVA cultural dynamic. Buskers - or street musicians (future Great Busk events will include dance, theater etc.) are encouraged to register for the event. There will be a maximum of 30 buskers chosen and Buskers will be notified of their selection by April 1st. Chosen buskers will perform one 15 minute set and the buskers who raises the most money for VACLAA during their set will win the Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Great Busk Award which includes a Four hour recording session at Sound of Music Studios in RVA.”

It’s not too late to sign up!  Get your registration forms HERE

My mom’s pretty cool sometimes #localmusic #livemusic

My mom’s pretty cool sometimes #localmusic #livemusic

DooFus - Villainous Vagrant (2013)

Get ready to hear the crunkest beats you’ll hear all year from new Richmond resident DooFus.  The above came out in 2013 but it’s still as hot as the day it was made.  DooF has a signature style involving an occasional lisp, and the slight slur makes the young rapper an effing dynamo.  He goes from chilled out (“Slobbering”) to tripped out (“Mannagram”) and straight noddin (“PapuhSmurph” feat. Tha Chemist).  The latter samples some serious soul and funk (the music that plays when something sexy happens in movies).  Make sure you check out the second track, “Brohliv” produced by Ohbliv.  DooF spits so fast and the lisp is out in full force, straight killin the pronunciation.  Dude knows how to chill for real.

Check out a more recent track:

Honestly, you’re gonna wanna go to DooF’s SoundCloud and just listen straight through all the tracks this guy has in his arsenal.  How does he record so much yet everything is so well-made and produced? Sure, he’s young, so how does he sound so experienced? We’ll just continue to listen and wonder.

Unfortunately, some folks are trying to profit from Mr Brockie’s tragic death, and they are claiming they give a “portion” of proceeds to Ring Dog Rescue, who has not heard about this. 

Do not buy these shirts!

So yeah this is the site: - Again, do not support this as they are in no way affiliated with the band.

Decibrity Playlist: Iron Reagan | Decibel Magazine

Frontman Tony Foresta discusses his favorite records, and a few may surprise you.

Catch Iron Reagan on Wednesday, 4/2 @ Strange Matter w/ Occultist (IR’s tour buddies), Humungus, and Asylum.  9:00 doors, $7.

In the pines, in the pines where the sun….

Toxsick - Breath of Fire EP

Toxsick has the fastest flow on his new Breath of Fire EP.  Toxsick performed, engineered,and mastered everything himself.  A trap beat and a killer baritone melody start things off in “On the Road Again”  The next track, “Haunted,” has a circus or carnival-inspired backing track while talking about smoking some sweet cheeba. The song almost veers into Insane Clown Posse territory, but not too deeply.  A mysterioso rhyme against the dissonance totally trips the listener out. Don’t bail when elevator music floods the soundscape, because Toxsick is just about to drop some old school claps and a honey-sweet R&B hook by Chauncie Jo in “The Distance.” 

Catch Toxsick this Friday, 3/28 @ Strange Matter for the DJ FUMO & Big Lo Skratch ‘N Spit Tour with Black Liq, Maniac Music, OG !lla, and many more! FB event invite.