Sleepwalkers - Greenwood Shade

Sleepwalkers have outdone themselves with a new full length album called Greenwood Shade. The falsetto Panda Bear vocals, the shimmering guitar licks, and the light touch of the songs remind the listener of Paul McCartney.

Greenwood Shade moves as a feel-good summer hazer replete with mature topics (“Cocaine,” “Hatchet”).  The track “Cheers” starts off the album, featuring multi-part vocal harmonies as tight as the BeeGees (think: “Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You,” which, if you’re not familiar, will blow your mind) and the swagger of Elton John.  Psychedelic elements permeate the album, e.g., “Breaking My Heart” and its instrumental keyboard-led tangents.  Listen to “Images” and tell me it doesn’t remind you of the 80s synth pop of Lionel Ritchie’s “All Night Long.”

The aforementioned “Hatchet” involves some tribal funkiness, creating some pretty righteous jams.  It’s also my fave.  Featuring the York brothers (Austin York, Michael York) from Duchess of York and The Rising Sons*, the band also features engineer Alex DeJong of White Star Sound in Louisa (Fight Cloud, etc.).  Hold onto your butts. 

Check Sleepwalkers out TOMORROW, 9/5 @ Fall Line Fest at The Camel with Black Girls (hometown hep heroes), Woolens (Roanoke’s “Bright Eyes”), My Darling Fury (RVA symphonic stunners), and Ryley Walker (Chicago folk on Tompkins Square Records).

*I was in my early 20s when the high-school aged York Bros made waves in The Rising Sons.  Everyone said they were going places, which may have led to its eventual implosion.  Still, you better keep these fellas in your periphery if not obsession.  Their mature grasp on subtleties as well as the power to build great rocking moments propel them up and on.

photo by Dave Parrish Photography

Meet and Greet the 1970s protopunks Death (not to be confused with the metal band) @ Steady Sounds THIS FRIDAY, 9/5!

Then catch them at FALL LINE FEST that same night (9/5) @ The National along with The Hold Steady (Brooklyn topical rock, also playing an in-store show Saturday, 9/6 @ Plan 9), The Diamond Center (face melty dopeness from RVA), Close Talker (local touring punks feat. members of Sundials), and Comrades (RVA post-hardcore instrumental trio). 

Presale passes are almost over!  Get your tix fix now.

flyer by Brian Wiltz


The Cheats Movement brings his MUST SEE @ Fall Line Fest list to the fans!  This dude knows what’s up.

Time is running out for presale tickets!  Get yours online or at one of  the record stores pictured just below:

Benjamin Shepherd - Eleven for the Road

Singer/songwriter Benjamin Shepherd released a live album earlier this summer, recorded live in one take at Montrose Studios. Acoustic guitar, stream of consciousness-like ruminations, and an appreciate for dynamics set this guy apart from his cronies.  The album was produced by Charlie Glenn (The Trillions) and engineered by Adrian Olsen (Hypercolor, Avers).  Tackling subject matter like heroin addiction, parental relationships, and taking the Chinabus to NYC, the tunes

Check out “Silver Dog” which tells the story of a man and his canine companion.  The light fingering is delicate and fragile and Shepherd’s vocals reflect the same tendencies.  I’m really glad the dog didn’t die in the end.



#persianpottery at the Chrysler museum

#persianpottery at the Chrysler museum

#dune #spice this weekend ended on a nice note

#dune #spice this weekend ended on a nice note



Bad Motivator - Deepens the Darkness

Bad Motivator has released a new EP called Deepens the Darkness, offering some darker stoner rock riffs with a bluesy swagger. Featuring members of The Southern Belles, Milkstains, 11th Hour, and Central Garage, the band has been going since 2009.  “Salivate” opens with a low end guitar fraught with buzzery and quickly gets things churning and building.  Vocalist Matt Sthreshley comes in like Eddie Vedder with a rough-edged soliloquy. Check out the eerie “Diamonds” with vocalist Joe Collet and his Josh Homme-esque delivery.  The spacey electronic effects sit comfortably between new wave and stoner rock, reminiscent of QOTSA.

RIYL: The Flying Eyes, People’s Blues of Richmond, Midnight Ghost Train

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Eeezy Duzit - “It’s Eeezy” feat. Rum

Eeezy Duzit has released your new favorite joint, “It’s Eeezy” from his upcoming project Tha Eeezy Way.  This banger will get in your brain immediately and the trap beat keeps the rhythm fresh and exciting.  Rum (formerly Red Rum?) raps in the interlude making the beat that much more nasty.  We can’t wait for the project to come out!