Vicious Tides - “Beer Slave”

Speed metal kings Vicious Tides just released “Beer Slave,” a thrashy, heavy homage to the powerful Beer.  We don’t need to wait for a weekend to post this.  Speeding and raging riffs propel this banger to an incredible pace while not sacrificing or blurring any of the details.  Originally from NoVA, the band members today are all different from the founding members.  You don’t see that everyday. 

RIYL: Municipal Waste

Skweeky Watahfawls, Johnny Ciggs, & Fan Ran - See Us on the Dance Floor

Those dirty dudes from Gritty City Records are back with a new mixtape, and it’s loaded with the usual amount of trife amongst some killer beats.  Johnny Ciggs, Skweeky Watahfawls, and Fan Ran jam it out on the dance floor with this new project.  Occasional “found sounds” and spoken word samples make this album feel extra casual, as the intros are usually full of conversation snippets (that usually you wouldn’t talk about near, say, your mom).

What the folks at Gritty City prove is that the art of collaboration is not dead.  Instead of individuals laying down their tracks separately and probably not even interacting in the studio, these guys play it like Biggie with some real back and forth spittin and layers of vocals.  Check out “Tijuana Snow Cone” for some real life lessons on what age a chick has to turn for them to lose interest.  The song title seems like it could be a nasty sexual activity mixed with blow, but it certainly should exist. Hear more about getting strange on the dance floor in “That Ol’ Drunk Shit,” which initially promises to bring the Sabbath.  And the tune is pretty dark in tone and theme, but it ain’t no stoner metal.

Catch the Album Release show on 8/30 @ Emilio’s w/ DJ Swerve36, Ben FM, Dank D, The Honorable Sleaze, Real Talk, and SouthSideDidIt.  FREE!

Brief Lives - VHS

Brief Lives is a 4-piece post-hardcore band who just released VHS, a 4-track EP.  The album was mixed by band member Chris Compton (Hold Tight!, The Demon Beat engineer), and three of the tunes are posted here for your lovely ears.  This album will come out on cassette (20 red, 100 black) on September 5th.  There is a secret bonus track only available on cassette for you die-hards. 

Check out the killer vocal harmonies of “Reacher” and the building heaviness of Fugazi.  The bass solo takes an unexpected foray into the spotlight, and he owns it. 

Brief Lives will appear at The Fest in our sister city of Gainesville, FL on 10/31.  Also At The Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh on 9/5 

Check out the new jewelry from our buddy Britt at Bee Is for Bead

With many of the designs including a matching set of earrings, these accessories are sort of perfect.

She can also do custom designs if you get in touch!  I believe I have a bee necklace in the works coming my way. 



This is how Windhand felt like last night at Strange Matter. 

@windhand #blurry

@windhand #blurry

@allthemwitchesband Nashville’s finest

#KingBuffalo @_kingbuffalo tonight ruled #stonermetal

#KingBuffalo @_kingbuffalo tonight ruled #stonermetal