The Flavor Project - Frijoles Negros

The Flavor Project flipped us a new album this summer, and it’s hotter than the weather. Strains of funk, hip hop, and more combine for a good time listen.  If you haven’t seen these guys live, do yourself a favor and get on that. 

The album begins with the “Intro/Flavor Theme,” a jazzy, funky good time that showcases the grooves this band gets into.  Mighty Monde busts out some righteous spoken word heat and saxophonist Chris Sclafani gets all kinds of hype.  “Eventually” is the next track and the one which leaked to get everyone excited for the release. Buttafly Vazquez sounds like a mix between Betty Wright and Erykah Badu while the track itself feels almost lifted from Boz Scaggs’ “Lowdown.”  Monde’s impeccable flow joins in the funk with some light instrumentation keeping things soulful. 

The title track exudes the Latin flavor that often gets infused into the band’s sound.  The salsa percussion (drummer Joshua McCormick)  and the heated horns combine for a tropicalia stunner. 

Catch The Flavor Project on 8/20 @ Cary Street Cafe, FREE!

Fight Cloud - “Double Castle”

The Horn RVA has done it again with a new video from Fight Cloud. The folks at The Horn are tirelessly working, it seems, documenting the Richmond scene with heady visuals and pristine audio recordings.  The dreamy math-rock lifts you up to new aural dimensions and then cascades down with twinkling guitars.

Filmed by PJ Desutter, Monica Thornton, Craig Zirpolo, Alex Rasnake and Will Hale
Audio Recorded and Mixed by Mitch Clem
Edited by Craig Zirpolo and Monica Thornton

Fight Cloud is currently finishing up a split with Houdan the Mystic (brother band on label The Subterranea Collective), and the band has released a track in advance of its release:

Latin Roots: 'Uncommon Common Ground'

New tune from Bio Ritmo on NPR!!

The coolest knife of August belongs to @b3nz0z

Iron Reagan - “Miserable Failure” and “Eyeball Gore” from forthcoming album The Tyranny of Will

Iron Reagan will release a new album from Relapse Records on 9/16, and the band has made a couple of preview tracks available for fans to stream.  You can also check out their official lyric video for “Eyeball Gore” (warning: it’s fucking disgusting):

Guitarist Phil “Landphil” Hall (Cannabis Corpse, Municipal Waste) also has recently appeared on a podcast on

Check out the band’s brand of crossover heaviness with “Miserable Failure” and wallow in some self-deprecating anger. 

Catch Iron Reagan at the Gwar-B-Q on 9/16 @ Hadad’s !

Maxamillian - It’s Always Sunny

Maxamillian has some fresh new joints for your ears.  A member of the Greyscale Music collective, Maxamillian collaborates with several other artists on the label - like Lady Gray and LeeOIt’s Always Sunny is the name of the mixtape, and the play on the popular TV show’s name is pretty cool.  The title track (also appearing below in their video for same) kicks the vibe into chillax mode. It’s pretty sweet to see an optimistic hip hop tune with lines like “It’s always sunny down my hallways/And when the clouds come, fuck the outcome/Cuz tomorrow’s a whole new day.” 

Check out “Blowin’ Trees” feat. Lady Gray for a catchy hook, some heavy, jagged beats and some smooth flow.  And make sure you hear the next track, “For Right Now” with some killer soul samples. 

The Milkstains - “Let Us Down”

We’re getting closer to The Milkstains' forthcoming LP!  The Milkstains have released a teaser track from the long-awaited album Broken Bones.  The music was recorded by Joe Lunsford (who also played tambourine) at Magic Twig Studios and Russell Lacy at Virginia MoonwalkerBroken Bones will come out on Bad Grrrl Records in September and was produced by Joon Kim

You might have gotten hype for the new release by gorging on the band’s summertime EP Gored, Kicked, Beaten.  Gang vocals and surfy bass-lines make this track super fun. It’s all leading up to the wreck-your-eardrums type of devastation that normally accompanies only brutal death metal. Don’t “let the Milkstains down,” LISTEN and preorder that shizz

Catch The Milkstains on 8/12 @ Gallery 5 with Daikaiju (psycho surfy weirdness, might be the smelliest show I’ve ever been to) and Round Eye (Shanghai doowop punk). 7:00 pm, $?

photo by Ben Rinehardt

Evil Erection - Demo 2014

Sometimes there are band names which shock even me.  Evil Erection (fyi - don’t look at their photos at work….) is one of those bands’ names, and their foul regurgitation of grindcore offends the most vile of boners.  If you want them to.

Chubbster is the new album by Evil Erection, and the songs are quick and stanky. Cookie monster vocals switch occasionally to piggy in this delight of an album.  Not only am I worried that my mom will hear this, but I worry that everyone else’s moms will, too. I don’t want to live in a world ruined by Evil Erection(s).

The sound is really cruddy, as the band claims it was made on an alarm clock with a tape deck.  I believe it.

Song titles like “Diary of a Dogfucker,” “Pussybong,” and “One-Eyed Monster” rate right up there with the band name.  Those aforementioned tracks are the lengthiest on the album, lasting about two minutes.

Check out our personal favorite, “Boner Witch” which is as close to stoner rock as metalcore gets and just as dopifying.

From the band:




Manatree - Manatree

Herro Sugar has changed its name to Manatree, and the band has released two tracks of guitar rock under their new name from their upcoming album.  We could not be more excited!  These dudes have a really cool brand of buoyant math rock, and the old name was just holding them back.  I am pretty sure the members are barely out of high school and now they’re playing huge events like Fall Line Fest and whatnot. 

Anyway, the tunes are a double dose of psychedelic electronic explosiveness.  Check out “Animal Quietlies” which begins with the band’s signature unique bouncing intervals before weaving seamlessly into a head-noddin track.  The post-rock continues in “Something,” which is a little heavier with a little more texture. 

Check out the rest of the band’s tour dates:

8/1 Chester, NY
8/2 New Paltz, NY -
8/3 Danbury, CT (HALP PLZ)
8/6 Washington, DC - House Show
8/7 Charlottesville, VA -