Dark Key the Blac Sheep - Black and Blues

There is a new concept album by Dark Key the Blac Sheep called Black and Blues.  The experimental spoken word/hip hop/jazz album

He says, “After being brutally attacked and beaten, Dark Key was rescued by his ancestors and placed in the light of the sun. There he underwent mysterious happen[ing]s unknown to the creatures of earth and most beings. Reemerging from the brightest of lights, he is known as the Blac Sheep. This album is based on the experiences of one US citizen. A man. A human. A being of life. It was not created in hate, malice, or with ill intent. It is simply one man venting the frustrations of a life lived in a state of arrest. Ignorance feeds ignorance. Please allow intellect to feed intellect. Be smart, be wise, be understanding. Be TRUE.”

Check out “In God I Trust” for a pretty cool synth going in and out of phase.  While the flow is a tad garbled, the layers and loops create a pretty complicated sound that’s hard to pin down.

"The Wake" references Kendrick Lamar ("Martin had a dream…..Kendrick had a dream…") and sounds like poetry.

#treefrog on my door last night

#treefrog on my door last night

Lamb of God's Willie Adler: 'I Wish I Could Be an Awesome Guitarist' | Interviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Note: I have not yet seen As The Palaces Burn.  This interview came out back in March, and I hesitated to post it until now.  It sounds like The Czech Republic notified the State Department of their intent to arrest Randy, and then they (we) did nothing to give a heads up to the band.  Not trying to blow this shit up, but I gotta say it’s sad but not surprising.  This is yet another instance of metal being discriminated against.  If Elliot Yamin were getting arrested abroad, I’m pretty sure the State Department would notify his ass about it.

btw, Elliott Yamin will be at the JCC on 10/19.  Not sure if tickets are still available.

picture via hollywoodreporter.com

Patrick Bates - Live at The Listening Room

Singer/songwriter Patrick Bates released a live album recorded at the late Listening Room back in 2013 along with guest musicians Nate Mathews (The Moonbees), Marshall Costan (The Awesome Few, and who, as I just learned, engineered a Nethers album I reviewed back in the day), Amber Frye (Mount Lion, The Silent Type), and Kevin Cornell (Marionette, Glass Twin, Ocean Vs. Daughter).  Bates has been in a bunch of bands in the pastread up on his history via my buddy RVA Playlist

Catch Patrick Bates on Sunday, 9/14 @ The Broadberry with Marco With Love and Eric Hunter & The Distractions. 7:30 doors, $5.

drawing by Jennifer Kennedy

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Lyric notebook had since middle school #the90s

Lyric notebook had since middle school #the90s

Ohbliv - Lewse Joints II

One of RVA’s best beatmakers, Ohbliv, has released a new album called Lewse Joints II, and you immediately become a cooler person after listening to just one track.  Starting off with “Imagination Station,” which I can only surmise is a fucked-up warped, eerie sample of the really old children’s program. The breezy 70s soul jammer sets the stage for what’s to come: badass clips morphed into even more badass loops. 

photo by Paxico Records


Studio C: The Community's Studio!

WRIR is trying to renovate one of its offices into a studio, but the independent radio station needs your help!  Ergo, Studio C: The Community’s Studio. 

They only have until September 15th, and as of this writing they still need almost $1,000.00. 

"Your contribution will allow us to purchase equipment, upgrade utilities, and offer training on the new technology. Once the studio is completed, you’ll hear more live performances and programs produced by more volunteers. Here’s what we need to equip the studio: multi-track broadcast boards and mixers, monitors, digital audio workstations with recording software, portable drum and vocals booths, lots of sound proofing, sound absorption, and plenty of headphones!"

Meet the man who studies indie music economies. (Yes, he’s in a band too)

The Washington Post published an interview on Monday with a “music geographer.”  There are so many people already doing some of his suggestions.  But we really need the city itself to lend a hand.  What areas of the city would you like to see transformed by live music?