2011 Year in Review

Whew, it’s been a fully-packed 2011 with our share of good and bad music.  In looking back, it’s amazing that so much variety can come from such a small city, relatively.  If I seem to have forgotten someone or something mentioned in my lists, please feel free to e-mail me or comment here. Here goes:

Top Albums from RVA 2011
20. Parasytic - Poison Mind
    Long live crust metal/thrash! \m/

19. Dave WatkinsWhen No One Else is Here and Everyone is Asleep

        Watkins’ experimental folk is haunting and layered.
18. Old New ThingsGhosts

            The Old New Things are where jazz meets Aaron Copland’s Americana.
17. The Way of the Sun - Coronal Mass Ejection
    This quirky garage rock is raucous, furious, and on point.   Thrash!
16. The Hot Seats - Live!
    These heavy bluegrass/old-time pickers have everything down to a T; the harmonies are spot-on, their shows are engaging, and their music makes even the sourest guy in the room smile.
15. Jonathan Vassar & the Speckled Bird - Signs and Wonders
    RVA’s favorite singer/songwriter released a beautiful album in the beginning of the year.
14.Sports Bar/Sexy Crimes split 7” Road Sodas

            Grisly garage/punk rock with well-written and catchy licks; anthemic and Pink Floydian at times.
13.The Milkstains - Hot Sauce Cemetery

            The Milkstains are serious business with their surf, rockabilly, spaghetti western groove.
12. Jackass Flats - Rusty Feeling
    These alt-country honky tonkers have been together for a decade, and their experience and polish show.  
11. The Haverchucks - s/t
    This pop punk band are as legit as Screeching Weasel or The Queers.  
10.After Nasas/t
    Seductive Southern rockers with a proclivity for funk…and post-rock shredding.
9. No BS Brass Band “versus” Black Girls split 7”

            When the No BS horns back Black Girls, dance magic happens.
8. Windhands/t
    This record shows why Windhand is getting so much attention lately; their slow-building and churning buzzing guitars with Dorothia Cottrell’s female vocals put this album over the top.
7. Lost Tribe - s/t
    Goth punk with some major psychedelic leanings.  
6.  White Lacess/t EP
    Crunchy guitars and masterful manipulation of electronic feedback make this shoegaze record stand out from the rest.
5. Former Champions s/t
    These electro/post-jam hombres space-rock out and take you along for the ride, provided you like dancing.
4. Black Market Guru - Zenith Mountain Suite
    Delightfully hazy, Zenith infuses classic, good time pop rock with psychedelia.
3. Cannabis CorpseFrom Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
    With every song name brutally weedy, this album shreds with its last appearances from frontman Weedgrinder and guitarist Nikropolis.
2.  The AtkinsonsMile Marker
    This is the kind of alt-country album that sticks with you till the end. Great instrumentation, musicianship, and song structures, pristine recording.
1.  Bearstorm (pictured just below)– Horribilis
    A progressive death metal concept album about a man dying and becoming a bear?  Fuck yeah!!

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

Sundials/Caves split 7”
Hold Tight – Call the Zoo
This Time It’s War/Fixtures – Rusted Screws/Machinery of Man split EP
I Live with Zombies – s/t
The Nervous Ticks – Appalachian Hunger
Les La Britanica – Soft Swerve
James Dangle – One Time I Knew
The Inflatables – Dirty Looks from a Dog
Little Master – s/t
Horsehead/Long Arms split EP
Young Adult Fiction – Paradise Birds
Grant Hunnicutt Sings Jonathan Vassar
Spirit Ditch feat. Julie Karr – Slow Triggers
Lobo Marino – The Reincarnation EP
Tungs (pictured just below)– Poplicker
Druglord – Motherfucker Rising
Mason Brothers – Ghost Season
The Southern Belles - Lounge Lizard Sessions

New Bands formed in 2011.  Look for them in 2012
Close Talker
Peace Beast
Fire Bison
Canary Oh Canary
Boney Loner (pictured below)

Best Shows of 2011
1. The Diamond Center @ Cous Cous, 1-22-2011
2.  Homemade Knives, Brown Bird @ the Listening Room 5-22-11

3. The Hotdamns, Sonic Nectar @ Sprout, 3-26-11

4. After Nasa, Lightfields @ house show in Randolph 4-30-11

5. Lights East, The Bridge, Tea Leaf Green @ Alley Katz 2-3-11

6. Gwar, Cannabis Corpse @ The National 2-25-11

7. Divine Suffering, Imperial Order, Bearstorm @ Wonderland 12-11-11

8. Baby Help Me Forget (pictured just below) @ Sprout 6-3-11

Best Live Bands/Musicians 2011
1. Baby Help Me Forget!
2. People’s Blues of Richmond (PBR)
3. The Milkstains
4. Former Champions (pictured just below)
5. The Diamond Center

6. Grease Trigger

7. DJ Williams (picked up by Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe!)

RIP, we hold the following dear in our hearts:
1. Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus of Gwar)
2. Baby Help Me Forget!
3. Page Wilson (pictured just below)
4. Landmines
5. The Hotdamns
6. Phil Pollard aka Phil Slomski
7. Mouthbreather
8. David L. Williams (music teacher, jazz musician)
9. Frank Benjamin Foster, III (Count Basie Orchestra)
10. The Riot Before
11. Sprout
12. The Triple
13. Sonic Nectar

14. Alley Katz


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