REVIEWWar Graves – EP 2012    

            The more a record encourages headbanging at one’s desk at work, the better that said record is.  Case in point: War Graves' EP 2012.  The record is separated into five segments: four old school death metal tracks and one interlude. Not only does the record invite a little hair motion, it sometimes requires a full throttle desk dance. 

            An effects heavy guitar starts things off in “I,” setting the tone and speed for the crushing melody.  More guitar parts jump in, and there’s definitely something brewing. Drums are in, and everything’s fine until…everything comes together for unison rocking.  These guys are tight and keep their lines steady and full-force. Drummer/vocalist TJ Childers (Lord By Fire) roars and groans with a wild beastly intent, and the rock just gets more serious.

           “II” is more d-beat and Childers has a few call and response moments with guitarist Dewey Anderson.  An instrumental collective rocking brings to mind all things Rush.  Their prog-gy sound stretches the rock farther and farther for over seven minutes.  “Interlude” cleanses the sound palate.  The slow and heavy reverb sounds like the soundtrack to a otherworldly 80s movie.  The tones really are just plain beautiful, too.

         “Lunar Glacier” is extremely black metal, even if you couldn’t tell from the title.  The blastbeat is unstoppable and Childers’ screams make the whole concoction that much scarier.  The electronic fadeout works really well to segue into “Sustenance.”  The heaviness is really there as a sturdy album closer.  Simultaneous guitars and bass thicken it even further until a few stomps and then done.  How was that only a little over twenty minutes? 

7.0 out of 10

War Graves play @ Strange Matter on March 31 ($7, 18+, 10pm) with:

Valkyrie (Harrisonburg now w/ members of Baroness, Earthling)

Horsefang (C’ville heavy rock)

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