Best EPs of 2012 in RVA

Richmond saw many EPs released this year, and we decided to divide the EPs from the full-lengths in order to give as many folks accolades as we could. 

The criteria for chosen EPs:

- up to nine (9) songs and/or twenty (20) minutes of music
- excellent quality of engineering
- surpasses other EPs in similar genre
- superior song construction
- degree of accessibility to audience
- personal taste (it’s true!)

Here we go:


photo by Chandler Moulton/Magazine 33

25.  The Vendors - The Lake

This honky tonk/alt-country jaunt was written by frontman James West and recorded by the incredible Bryan Walthall at Sound of Music Studios. 


24. Lucy Dacus - Girls Back Home

This female-fronted acoustic folk album feels dreamy and introspective.  Engineered by Collin Pastore, this EP features Jacob Blizard (Parlor Shakedown) on ukulele and guitar. 


23.  Seraph - What It Takes to Kill a God

This metalcore album kills it with Mike McIlyar's death metal vocals. 


22.  Ohbliv - Sunsets

Beatmaker Ohbliv released a bunch of material this year, but this EP stood out with its catchy samples. 


21.  The Blackout Shift - Fuel for Your Rock Tank

Old-school Metallica sounds and bad boys make this EP “smell like reefer and sound like rock and roll.”


20.  Heavy Midgets/Tungs - Sisters Split

The Sisters Split is frenetic psych punk that allows us to award two bands the number 20 spot.


19.  Little Smoke - On Holidays EP

Formerly Space Monster, Kenny Hamilton's Little Smoke is a new band formed in 2012.  On Holidays EP is a hazy, druggy venture during the summer.


photo by Sheree @ Bauhaus

18.  Herro Sugar - Smoking General Kills Sturgeon

The guys in Herro Sugar are fans of word play and quirky pop rock. 


photo by Joe Opyt

17.  Damaged Andy - Psychosis

Dude has major flow skills and hella beats produced by Just Plain Ant.


photo by Ben Harsel

16.  Starfish Prime - Repetitions of a Great Experiment

Three dudes have been jamming for years, and this math rock album exhibits how tuned in they are.


photo by Sounds of RVA

15.  Sacred Teachers - Demo 2012

This live recording gives a glimpse into what a live show might consist of.  In the meantime, “Cowboy Stripper” really howls.


photo by PJ Sykes/courtesy of Live at Ipanema

14.   Zac Hryciak & the Jungle Beat - It’s Not a Big Deal

Modesty in album titling gives this percussive-heavy chamber pop EP a slight advantage.


13.  The Banduras - River City

This psych-rock outfit is the cure for the common classic rock. 


12.  The Richmanian Ramblers - World, Sister World

Take the polka/Klezmer-friendly music of Russia and combine with several notable musicians in the city (Antonia Vassar, Nate Mathews, Clifton McDaniel, et al.), and you’ve got this EP. 


11.  Kurtloader - RFTRX

This power pop trio brings back hair metal with RFTRX, recorded at Minimum Wage Studios


10.  Lightfields - Something Else

This psych rock band combines saxophone and guitars for a sound slightly like Brian Jonestown Massacre mixed with Morphine. 

Second #10. Black Girls - Hell Dragon

Looks like we forgot this important album, because it was released all the way back in January. 


photo by Sounds of RVA

9.  Cole Sullivan - White Overtone Wind

He had us at throat singing, the first tones of the album.  The gentle and intricate acoustic guitar is all the accompaniment Sullivan needs for his enchanting croonerisms. 


photo by Sounds of RVA

8.  Navi - EP

This duo has wowed everyone all year, so it’s no surprise that this “bombastic” pair’s EP would be in the top 10.


photo by Patrick Moran

7.  The Snowy Owls - Within Yr Reach

Fuzzy guitars and ghostly vocals psych you out in this trippy EP. 


photo by Victoria Wilson

6.  Cat Be Damned - Singing About Places I’ve Never Been

Americana and indie rock sandwich together in this band led by Erik Phillips.


photo by Luz de Luna Duran

5.  Iron Reagan - Demo 2012

Members of Municipal Waste belt out some Republican thrash in this concept album. 


photo by Sarah Walor

4.  Anousheh - The Trouble I Find

The Grammy-nominated pop songstress is backed by some of the members of David Shultz and The Skyline. 


photo by Niebla Basque

3.  Organ Donor - Demo

Featuring members of Battlemaster, Volture, and former Cannabis Corpse, Organ Donor’s demo is a death metal thrash preview of what’s to come.


2.  Time Machines - Carpe TM

Carpe TM is a post-punk sleeper of 2012.


photo by Jeremy Ledford

1.  Spirit Animal - Real

This is the best thrash and hardcore album from 2012, and it will probably stand the test of time.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

Haints in the Holler - s/t

Lost Tribe - Lost Tribe Tape

The Nervous Ticks - Death to Videodrome Cassette

Shy, Low - s/t

Friend or Foe - Know Your Rights

Springtime - Demo

Occultist - Hell by our Hands

Black Brothers - Disconnect

Uncle Jimmy - First Demo

Strumpet -Collection of Songs

Mutwawa - Lamashtu Pazuzu

Wolfbite - Wolfbite EP

Volunteer - Spring

Hoax Hunters - EP

Cut the Architect’s Hand - Remove the Head, Destroy the Stairs

Promethean - Snow and Bodies EP

Ladies & Gentlemen - New Blood

Positive No - s/t

Lotus Grid - Little Place

EDIT: HOW could we forget Black Girls - Hell Dragon?  Imagine that’s tied for #10.

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