Various Eggs - Don’t Expect Much from Others

Various Eggs is a trio (although pictured below as a duo, and is sometimes a quartet with additional vocalist, Julie Bosak) led by LJ Rafalko's engaging baritone vocals and complex songwriting. The band is rounded out by drummer Tricia Kupec and bassist Justin Poroszok.  Various Eggs have just released Don’t Expect Much from Others, their debut album.  While the title is a jaded life lesson, the music keeps the listener on his or her toes.  Many of the song titles add up to a break-up album recorded out of hate, revenge, or just bitterness.  But these emotions often precipitate some great, dark music.  Just when you think you’ve got the pattern of the song down, Rafalko switches the arrangement, rhythm, and substance to something less tangible.  Check out “Girls” for a lumbering Tom Waitsian song of heavy low end and minimalistic proportions.  The bitterness fades away in the final track, “I Wish the Best for You” in which Bosak’s vocals have some supple reverb and are layered.  The melody is so hauntingly present while various percussion and electronics create a canvass for Bosak’s soaring voice.  If this song doesn’t touch your soul a little bit, you may want to see if you’re still able to feel things.

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