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This Sunday, 3/16 @ The Camel! Brunch, 2:00 pm, FREE!

Paulo Franco & the Rateros! (RVA alt-country)

The Dimmer Twins! (RVA’s country/soul duo, two members of Horsehead)

You can also catch Paulo Franco & The Rateros on 3/22 @ Hardywood!

Congratulations to Horsehead for receiving a Grammy Nomination for 2014 for their album, Sympathetic Vibrations!
You’re doin’ RVA proud, boys!

Congratulations to Horsehead for receiving a Grammy Nomination for 2014 for their album, Sympathetic Vibrations!

You’re doin’ RVA proud, boys!

Horsehead and Goldrush - “Let Me Roll It” (Paul McCartney cover)

Bandwars has come to a conclusion after weeks or months of friendly rivalry with bands Horsehead and Goldrush collaborating on a Macca cover.  The tune turned out pretty well, although this video isn’t the greatest quality. Good job, guys!

Goldrush celebrated the release of its 1st full length album, Greatest Hits, that night as well! Listen below to “Pale Blue Dot (For Carl),” the first track that’s been released.  This song is dedicated to Carl Sagan, the late astronomer known for his philosophical ideas as well as his writing the basis of the movie Contact.  His writings are a little more approachable than, say, Hawking’s Brief History of Time (at least IMPO).  “Pale Blue Dot” refers to what Earth looks like in comparison to the rest of the universe.  We are so small.  As per usual, the rock and roll combined with fiddle (Treesa Gold) is a unique and edgy sound.  The band psychs the listener out with a false-ending about 3/4s through, and returns to its jam full-steam ahead.   Grungey guitars meld well with the furious fiddle and Prabir Mehta's lead vocals bleed over with multi-part harmonies. 

flyer by Rob Sheley

#horsehead #rva #americana  (at The Camel)

#horsehead #rva #americana (at The Camel)

flyer by Matt Klimas

Richmond’s online go-to resource for upcoming shows, new tracks, and hear-it-first music news, RVA Playlist, is celebrating another big birthday this week! Not only has he stepped up his graphics game, but RVA Playlist is constantly growing and evolving. 

You must go to this show!  Join Andrew of RVA Playlist as he celebrates THREE years of his blog’s existence @ The Camel tomorrow (Wednesday, 5/29) with musical guests Anousheh, Long Arms, and Horsehead (who will be releasing Sympathetic Vibrations on vinyl this night). 8 pm doors, 9 pm (sharp) music, FREE!  Plus there will be cake and prizes from awesome places like Steady Sounds, Friday Cheers, Blanchards Coffee, Triple Stamp Press, The Camel and others!

Check out the event invite on Facebook. The show looks like it’ll be packed so you might want to get there early.

Jon Brown - “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)” (George Jones)

You’ve probably heard that the great George Jones just passed away. Horsehead frontman Jon Brown decided to play a cover of one of the man’s best tunes as a way to honor his memory.   It’s an acoustic performance with variations in volume and emphasis.  RIP George Jones.

Catch Horsehead @ RVA Playlist’s 3rd Birthday Party @ The Camel 5/29 along with Anousheh and Long Arms.  

photo by Sounds of RVA

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Kevin Wade Inge (you might know him from Horsehead or the Dimmer Twins) - “Snow Day”

This is about to be the best 12 seconds of your (snow) day.

Horsehead - Christmas Therapy

Horsehead released this double track album last year at this time, and we thought we would revisit it.  With one original plus “Silent Night,” the EP offers a little bit of festive music.


Horsehead - “God Damned the Rain to Fall”

Horsehead - Sympathetic Vibrations Review

Sounds of RVA got our hands on, figuratively speaking, the brand new Horsehead album called Sympathetic Vibrations.   Take the best of Steve Earle and Tom Petty, and you might come close to these Vibrations.  “Moving Target” opens the album with an earnest acoustic guitar and solemn, soulful vocals (Jon C. Brown).  “You are a dancer with no signature step,” is but one of the burns he doles out in this deceptively sweet sound.  “Darkened Streets” gets the whole band into gear in this second, uplifting song.  Alt-country guitars and a medium pace get at least part of you moving.

You may have already heard the previously-released “Emptiest Arms in the World” (which has a Willie Nelson-like descriptive title).  The rhythm is upbeat and the song channels Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  

The album was engineered at Snake Oil Recording with Dan Deckleman following a successful Kickstarter campaign.  The 4th album from the band shows maturity in songwriting and arrangements.  Horsehead also brought a couple of outside musicians to put some finishing touches on the mixes. For instance, Jay Gonzalez of Drive-By Truckers played piano on some tracks, and Travis Rinehart of Jackass Flats added banjo on Sounds of RVA’s favorite track, “God Damned the Rain to Fall.” 

Kevin Wade Inge (guitar) also has been in charge of adding steel guitar to this and the last album, Before the Bright Lights.  The difference this time is that Inge plays the steel himself rather than outsourcing.  Learning this new skill also afforded Inge some extra room in the studio to experiment.  Some of the songs were being written as they were recorded, so the tone is very present and vivid. 

Check out “Big Sun” for an alt-country “Althea” (Grateful Dead); the wandering lover can’t stay in one place for too long.  The vocal harmonies go in unexpected directions, and that off-kilter tension makes the song that much more exciting. 

Also, the longtime drummer (Andre LaBelle) called it quits midway through recording, but you’d never notice the change (to Gregg Brooks).  Sympathetic Vibrations will be out November 13th, PLUS

Catch Horsehead’s CD Release show @ Gallery 5 on Saturday, 11/10 with Grease Trigger and Matt Conner. 8 pm, $7. 

photo by Sounds of RVA