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Premiere: Iron Reagan’s “Mini Lights”

Iron Reagan has released a track from the upcoming 12” split with Exhumed (with whom they are now on tour) called “Mini Lights”

Iron Reagan will be in Richmond 12/29 @ The National with GWAR, Battlecross, and Gritter!

photo by Josh Sisk

Volture - On the Edge (prod. by Ryan Waste, Dave Gibson)

The time has come for Volture's new album to be revealed….There is a new frontman (Jack Bauer); there are new moves, and new sounds….and these are all good things.  From bands like Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Parasytic, and Humungus comes an album so heavy that it’s heading towards hell.  On the Edge is full-throttle heavy metal that heads into speed metal territory left and right.  “Ride the Nite,” the second track, sort of represents this album as the mascot - tearing through their licks and tumbling into a cavalcade of crashing cymbals (Barry Cover).  The music makes you want to drive as fast as these dudes are rocking, so no riding dirty.

"Brethren of the Coast" opens with the sound of waves and dock/boat ropes before stacked unison airy guitars (Nick Poulos, Dave Boyd) play a prelude and then head into the underpinnings of the track to come.  Minimal percussion (high hat clanging) soon gives way to thicker, heavier beats and faster, righteous shredding.  It’s almost two minutes into the song before Bauer starts spewing some illness, occasionally interjecting his melodies with metal falsetto.  It’s also interesting to notice that different instruments travel from left to right channels in stereo, switching it up so the ear can’t get too comfortable.  Who wants to? Let’s ride!

Many metal bands are, in my opinion, guilty of keeping the bass track too low in a mix.  There really just isn’t enough low end cutting into the innards.  Once I focus on where the bass part is, it’s fucking ridiculous.  Since bassist Ryan Waste also produced this album, we at least can surmise that he doesn’t have an inflated ego.  If anything, let’s hear you more.  Sure, perhaps the goal was for the guitars to float over everything, but that ends up in a treble-heavy mix that could dig a little deeper.

Check out these dates:

Oct. 6th - Richmond VA at MacCormick’s Irish Pub
Oct. 11th - Oakland CA at Eli’s Mile High Club
Oct. 12th - Reno NV at Jub Jub Thirst Parlor (w/Diamond Head/Raven)
Oct. 13th - Santa Rosa CA at Arlene Francis Center
Oct. 15th - San Francisco CA at DNA Louge (w/Diamond Head/Raven)
Oct. 16th - Ventura CA at BillyO’s
Oct. 17th - Los Angeles CA at The Vex (w/Diamond Head/Raven)
Oct. 18th - San Diego CA at Brick by Brick (w/Diamond Head/Raven)

photo by Tony Lynch

1st wave of bands announced!

Municipal Waste Gets Signature Beer

Municipal Waste’s Toxic Revolution Stout Ale:

"a black liquid wall of death in your mouth"

The righteous folks at 3 Floyds Brewery have brewed their finest stout yet. 

Municipal Waste in the new Vans commercial

Thanks to Aron Moody


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Municipal Waste - Wolves of Chernobyl [Official Video]

Check out the new video from Municipal Waste (c/o Earache Records)!  Chill with the waste in a record store, grocery story, and a skate bowl.  Get an up-close-and-personal look of Tony Waste’s vocal chords.

Municipal Waste - “The Fatal Feast” and “You’re Cut Off”

Back in April, Municipal Waste dropped their latest LP, The Fatal Feast: Waste in Space.  We are finally listening to the title track, and it’s a doozy.  The second track made available is “You’re Cut Off,” a video that emerged in June.  The Fatal Feast cassette is also coming soon.

Waste is on tour right now, so check them out if you’re not in Richmond.

photo by Phil McDougall (

Municipal Waste - “You’re Cut Off”

New animated video from Municipal Waste!

Listen to a track from Municipal Waste's split 12" w/ Toxic Holocaust

Were you lucky enough to get into Wonderland on Wednesday to see Municipal Waste?  They probably played some tunes from their new 12” split with Toxic Holocaust, Toxic Waste.  Right now, Decibel Magazine is streaming two of the four tracks for YOU. Their latest LP is The Fatal Feast released in April. 

Check the rest of the tour dates HERE.

Municipal Waste - “Repossession”

The Waste boys are at it again with another winner video.  This time the guys are repo men and have various victims along the way.  Thrash!

photo by B. Romain