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ENJOY this EXCLUSIVE release of Hoax Hunters' new track, “Volume,”  from their brand new LP, Comfort & Safety!

Get out your sweater razors, cuz this puppy’s got some serious FUZZ going on.  The band’s signature hazy yet shimmery feel comes through in this just over two minute tune.  Effervescent punk keeps the song forever propelling up and forward, and the pop punk vibe keeps things bouncy.  The refrains involve lead vocalist PJ Sykes singing in unison with his feathered guitar licks, and the result is catchy as hell.  Rounding out the fuzz trio are Tim Falen (Hot Dolphin, The Diamond Center) and James O’Neill (The Snowy Owls). 

Preorder the album (available in limited supply in blue!) at Negative Fun Records. The album releases August 5. 

Catch Hoax Hunters at their album release show, 8/8 @ Gallery 5 with Positive No and Motherfuckin Dave Watkins! 8:30 pm, $5;

The Snowy Owls - “Kerfuffle” (live at Have a Good Day RVA at Hardywood, 5-17-14) (video by PJ Sykes)

The Snowy Owls took part in a benefit over the weekend for Good Day RVA, a film production company which specializes in sessions with musicians combined with the grittiness of RVA.  Along with over a dozen of RVA’s hippest rockers, the band played to a tipsy crowd.  PJ Sykes was there and took this awesome slow motion video for the band’s song, “Kerfuffle.”  Buzzing and humming shoegaze rock in the veins of Pavement emanated from the band.  Fisheye views and superslow black and white footage of the band, barrels of brews, and stage prop mannequins help make this feel like a slow moving trip. The speedy rock song runs along while the footage stays back a ways, taking its time to catch up.  Let’s just say that the video does a good job depicting what one might have witnessed there with all of the dank beer surrounding you and filling you up.

photo by PJ Sykes

Live @ Ipanema featuring William Tyler (Lambchop, Silver Jews, Bonnie Prince Billy) and Dave Watkins!

If you missed this special evening or just want to revisit the magic of that night, Live at Ipanema's latest episode is ready for your listening ears.

Recorded by engineer Allen Bergendahl [who has mixed The Diamond Center, The Catalyst, Anousheh Khalili, David Shultz, and more, PLUS member of The Snowy Owls] and photographed by PJ Sykes (of Hoax Hunters), this session is, like other performances, intimate and special. 

Check out more past sessions including October 6th’s Valdosta and Psalmships!

photo by PJ Sykes

William Tyler - “A Portrait of Sarah”

Guitarist William Tyler (Lambchop, Silver Jews, Bonnie Prince Billy, Charlie Louvin) will make a special stop by Live at Ipanema on 10/22 along with Dave “M.F.” Watkins.  Tyler is currently touring in support of his new Merge Records album Impossible Truth.  “A Portrait of Sarah” is an introspective, instrumental homage that leaves the soul satisfied.  Tyler’s fluid fingers paint a portrait of this beautiful person and perhaps her lasting effect on Tyler.  His classical, acoustic guitar renderings are more than just background music.  They are a soundtrack. 

In the beginning of the video, you might notice the drummer from JEFF the Brotherhood, Jamin Orrall.  The video itself in an homage to 70s road movie Two-Lane Blacktop.  The song lasts over 7 minutes and follows Tyler and a hitchhiking ladyfriend (presumably “Sarah”) finding their way on a road trip.  In the end, she goes off with another dude on presumably another adventure.  But that’s just how that free-wheelin, army-jacket wearin chick rolls.

As always, Allen Bergendahl (The Snowy Owls, Scott’s Addition Sound) will be on hand to record the two sets while photographer PJ Sykes (Hoax Hunters, his photos have been in Spin) will capture the visual essence.  Get there early for this special treat because space is limited.  Note that this is on a Tuesday night rather than a Sunday.

Tuesday, 10/22 @ Live at Ipanema, 10 pm, FREE!

photo by John Brassil

Hoax Hunters - “Orbit”

Hoax Hunters' PJ Sykes will be playing at this month’s Sounds of RVA Showcase @ Bogart’s (August 17) and we are beyond stoked! Check out the above track from the band’s recent split with The Snowy Owls (their song follows, btw).  Sykes will amaze with his post-punk stylings in vein of Bob Mould (Husker Du - sorry, no umlauts).

Joining him will be Dave Watkins' incredible Colloquial Orchestra, which is a hand selected crop of talented musicians improvising together.  Not one performance is the same!  Check out the set from WRIR’s “Party for the Rest of Us” back in February (including Nelly Kate, Nathaniel Roseberry, Adam Tsai, Tristan Brennis, Matt Klimas, Jimmy Held, Brandon Martin, PJ Sykes, Adam Birce, Landis Wine, Shannon Keeter, Joon Kim, and, of course, Dave Watkins):

Last but certainly not least, The Dirty Picture Show will be lighting up the stage with their blend of blues rock grooves.  Guitarist Taylor Laub is also in the band The Northerners (who will be opening for another show that same night!!), so you won’t wanna miss this!  Check out a clip from a recent Camel set:


Sounds of RVA Showcase @ Bogart’s feat:

Hoax Hunter(s)
The Colloquial Orchestra
The Dirty Picture Show

8/17 @ Bogart’s, $5, free parking!

The Snowy Owls - “Kerfuffle” AND

Hoax Hunters - “Orbit”

The fuzz bruz of RVA, The Snowy Owls and Hoax Hunters, have teamed up in celebrating Record Store Day this Saturday.  The two bands have a split 7” containing two songs from each band and are releasing it on 4/20, Record Store Day through Cherub Records.  “Kerfuffle” is static, distortion-led post-rock with melancholy vocals.  “Orbit” is a faster, clashier rocker the is a great counterpart to The Snowy Owls’ effects.

The tracks were recorded by Allen Bergendahl at Scott’s Addition Sound.  Hoax Hunter drummer Tim Falen (Hot Dolphin, Diamond Center) provided some additional mixing.

There will be a limited release on Saturday, 4/20 @ Steady Sounds including a performance by both bands.  As if you needed another reason to visit on Record Store Day!

Included in the limited edition RSD pack:

lathe cut 7” (limited to 40 copies)
three 1” buttons
1 of 40 different hand drawn “Kerfuffles” by Matt Klimas
photo by James O’Neill
download code (tracks below)

1.Hoax Hunters - Orbit [don’t tell, today] Color Coded -RSD version only
2.Hoax Hunters - Hoax Hunters (alt version) -RSD version only
3.Hoax Hunters - Orbit
4.Hoax Hunters - Color Coded
5.The Snowy Owls - Kerfuffle
6.The Snowy Owls - Hold My Hand And Let’s Drift Away (redux) -RSD version only

If you can’t make it to RSD, you can grab a copy of the vinyl at other area record stores starting 4/22.

Way, Shape, or Form from the Subterranea Collective will be playing at Live @ Ipanema tomorrow (Sunday, 1/6) night.  This looks to be a really cool show and you should make sure to arrive early to get a good spot.  This may be one of the most popular installments of the Live @ Ipanema.  As always, the performance will be recorded by engineer Allen Bergandahl and photographed by PJ Sykes.  10 pm, FREE!


photo by Sarah Gatrell

The Colloquial Orchestra live @ Emilio’s 12/1 with PJ Sykes (Hoax Hunters) and Nathaniel Roseberry (Street Pizza, Lobo Marino)

Dave Watkins is the man behind the idea of The Colloquial Orchestra.  Basically, from time to time Watkins invites his musician friends to join him onstage for a little collective improvisation.  This go-round, Watkins played his homemade electric Dulcitar, Roseberry played drums, and Sykes was on keytar.  The result is this 20+ minute jam of psychedelic noods.   

Ocean Vs. Daughter - Slightly Parted

Live at Ipanema is back tomorrow night (12/2) with Ocean Vs Daughter.   Led by Virginia native Flanna Sheridan, Ocean Vs Daughter is soft experimental folk rock.  She moved to the Czech Republic for 8 years and released some music there.  Now she returns to the U.S. for a grand tour.  Listen to “Lorelei” for a dramatic piano breakdown, smooth strings, and Sheridan’s dreamy vocals.  Sheridan will be accompanied by a drummer and cellist, rumored to be Marionette’s Kevin Cornell and Richmond Jazz Collective’s Michael Knowles, respectively.  As always, the performance will be recorded by Allen Bergendahl and photographed by PJ Sykes

photo by Herb Hurni

Check out last month’s Live at Ipanema with Chris Ryan, singer/songwriter HERE.

photo by PJ Sykes

RECAP: Live at Ipanema, Sunday, 12/2 with Ocean Vs Daughter, 10 pm, FREE!


After 18 months, Live at Ipanema is back with its first installment Sunday, November 4 featuring Chris Ryan.  You may remember Ryan from this early September post.  RVA’s favorite PJ Sykes will serve as official photographer and the sets are recorded by Allen Bergendahl of Viking Recording.  The files will then be made available for download by Ipanema’s website.

Live at Ipanema is a FREE live performance series that has in the past hosted names like Josh Small, The Diamond Center, Long Arms, and many more.  Get geared up for these upcoming shows!