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Diamond Center Songstress Launches Etsy Store

Brandi Price is a siren from the Diamond Center who is a woman of many talents.  Right now she has launched her new etsy store with her wonderful handmade stone and crystal jewelry.  These pieces are all unique yet simplistic enough to not overwhelm.  Go check them out!

Incidentally, Brandi will be playing with Peace Beast this evening (5/10, FREE) @ Cous Cous with Naked Gods (Boone prog-punk) AND

Brandi and Kyle from the Diamond Center play @ Gallery 5 TOMORROW (5/11, $7, 8pm) for “Singing Guitars and Musical Saws” with: 

Hope For Agoldensummer (Athens sisters/experimental folk)

David Shultz (RVA, of David Shultz & The Skyline)

Jonathan Vassar and The Speckled Bird (RVA folk, just played for Obama!)

THEN Sunday (5/13, 10pm, $5 sugg. donation) after you celebrate your MOM:

The Diamond Center @ The Nile for Tungs/Heavy Midgets split 12” Sisters Release Show (with Tideland).

Spindrift - “Space Vixens”

Los Angeles’ Spindrift is about to descend upon Richmond @ Strange Matter TOMORROW (Monday, 5/7, all ages, 6pm-9pm, $8) and take us on a spaghetti Western psychedelic trip.  They were last in RVA in November 2010, and they wowed the crowd with their dual neck baritone/bass and embroidered black leather (think Three Amigos). 

photo by Sounds of RVA

Joining them will be:

Peace Beast (RVA rockers including members of The Diamond Center, pictured below by Sounds of RVA)

Strangers Family Band (LA psych rock)

Peace Beast @ Artspace 2-24-12

Peace Beast @ Artspace 2-24-12

Peace Beast @ Strange Matter last night! (1/26)

photo by Jamie Lay

Sonic Nectar - “The Mountain I Was In”

So Sounds of RVA really dropped the ball when we claimed Sonic Nectar defunct in our 2011 Year in Review.  Looks like the band is up and at ‘em again playing a few shows coming up.  This time they have added songstress Brandi Price (The Diamond Center, Catnip Dreams, Peace Beast, et al.) to the pot, and I’m stoked to hear some of their sounds.

1 - A GATHERING OF THE FREE & EASY feat. Antlers, Sonic Nectar (pictured below) and Boney Loner and the Sacred Teachers @ Cellar Door 1/21, 10 pm, free!

2 - Palindrone, Sonic Nectar (pictured below), Peace Beast, and Boney Loner and the Sacred Teachers @ Strange Matter Jan 26, 10 pm, FREE (18+)

Rumor has it that Boney Loner is heading into the studio this month and we can expect some sounds shortly thereafter.