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Windhand live @ 31st Street Pub, Pittsburgh, 9/5/14 (video by Digitallive / Video Nihilism)

Occult has released a footage (3 different camera angles edited down) from Windhand's recent Pittsburgh show, and it's the next best thing to seeing them live.  Catch them on tour now before they head down under with Beastwars in October, and be sure to pre-order their upcoming split with Salem’s Pot (starting 9/27) on Easyrider Records and their live album from Roadburn Fest 2014 (now).  Limited edition awesomeness and such.


tin-type photo by Clement Photography

This is how Windhand felt like last night at Strange Matter. 


flyer by Muddle Workshop

Windhand - “Boleskine” (live at Roadburn Festival 2014)

Whoa, you guys.  Idk if you’re ready for this or not, but it’s happening regardless.  Windhand and Roadburn Records/Burning World Records are releasing the band’s live set from this year’s festival (4/12/14) on vinyl (gold, red, purps, and black!) with preorders starting 8/27.  Has Windhand gone ahead and essentially copyrighted purple now, sorta like Municipal Waste with that lime puke green?  I digress…

This track, “Boleskine,” didn’t make the cut for the record, so they released it as a teaser for this upcoming release.  Uh, it worked.  Dorthia Cottrell is in fine vocal form with smokey moans soaring above some nasty low-end doom guitars. 

Catch Windhand THIS SUNDAY, 8/24 @ Strange Matter with All Them Witches and King Buffalo.  9:00 pm, $8 adv, $10 door.

Windhand - “Orchard”

Richmond’s stoniest doom band Windhand has released a brand new video for “Orchard” from the latest album Soma via Revolver.  I don’t think I ever noticed a “Stairway to Heaven” quote in there before, and maybe it was unintentional. These dark and heady visuals will help you get in the evil frame of mind which is the optimal mind frame to be in while listening to Windhand in general.  Desolate, nightmarish imagery was compiled by Jordan ( and edited by John Quiles.  Get lost in bleak fear while vocalist Dorthia Cottrell moans with the powers of the undead.  The heaviest guitars you’ve ever heard create the sludginess of the devil’s brew.

Catch Windhand on 8/24 @ Strange Matter with All Them Witches and King Buffalo. $8 adv/$10 door.

The band will open for Sleep in Philly on 8/26 but you can’t go (well, unless you got one of those quickly depleted tix) September sees Windhand on tour with All Them Witches, playing occasionally with Jex Thoth and Ilsa.  Austin will host Windhand with Harsh Toke (seriously killer) and Dead Meadow on 9/26……. then in October the band will be welcomed down under with Beastwars. phew.

photo by Patrick Baleydier

Consider Yourself Ravaged By Bastard Sapling

Check out the newest track from Bastard Sapling's upcoming album, Instinct is Forever, on NPR, nbd. Dorthia Cottrell from Windhand guests.

Check out Bastard Sapling on tour with Inter Arma in July, starting in RVA -

Bastard Sapling - 7/10 @ Strange Matter w/ Inter Arma, Alraune (Nashville black metal), and Hoboknife (RVA “drunken black & roll”).

Windhand live @ Saint Vitus Bar, 9-6-13

Keep Windhand guitarist Asechiah Bogdan in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from a blood clot procedure while the band tours Europe.  They will perform as a 4-piece until Asechiah is given the green light to play again.

photo courtesy of War Injun Drummer

Stream Windhand: Soma on Pitchfork Advance

If you love Windhand as much as we do, this piece of digital sound will remain all that is holy until I get it on vinyl.  Looks like the deep purple vinyl is sold out, but you can still get your hands on electric blue and blood red if you don’t sit on it.

Check out Windhand @ Strange Matter 10/3 with Druglord and Lugweight.  the rest of the time from now until the end of the year, the band will be on tour, including a brief set of dates with High on Fire.  Good thing these guys never get too cool for good ol’ Richmond.

If anyone finds themselves with leftover cash, please, oh please, consider purchasing this t-shirt in size small for this one right here?

photo by Reid Raley

Windhand - “Woodbine”

Windhand has been all up in the national news lately, from signing to Relapse Records to touring with High on Fire this fall.  The doom 5-piece has been lighting things up nation-wide, and they’re only going to get bigger.  “Woodbine” is streaming on Pitchfork and will appear on the new album Soma (released in the US 9/17).  It’s gritty and textured and lives up to the Windhand name.  We meant to get this piece out before the band’s 8/13 show at Strange Matter, but the problems I was having with the site precluded that from happening.  One of the nicest guitarists/engineers in RVA and probably the world, Garrett Morris, sat down with us to answer a few questions.  Windhand has previously shied away from interviews, so this was a real treat!   Here we go:

Sounds of RVA: What brought all the band members together?

Garrett:  Asechiah [Bogdan] and I had met in college. We had an art history class together. That was like the fall of 1992. He actually introduced me to Jeff Loucks (our first drummer) as well. We all kind of stuck together, back and forth between here and New York over the years. We had been playing with Nathan (our first bass player), who I had met when I was looking for someone to work on my amp. This was late 2008/early 2009. We started talking about getting a singer, so we placed an ad on Craigslist of all things. Then we just got inundated with all these “rock dudes”, screaming or trying to sound like the singer from Pantera. They were all just really, really horrible. But then Dorthia [Cottrell] sent us a video of her playing an acoustic and singing her own material in a bathroom or something. We just thought she was perfect right away. We started chatting and she was into all the same stuff we were, so I invited her to come down to practice. A month later we had our first show at Rumors Boutique. Jeff and his wife had a child in 2010 so he had to leave the band to focus on that. I knew Ryan [Wolfe] through a mutual friend and he had expressed interest in playing with us, so he took over on drums. I already knew Parker [Chandler]. He joined last year when Nathan went back to school to get his master’s degree.

How does your studio/practice space affect your recordings?
The climate is always a factor. It’s freezing in the winter and just unbelievably hot in the summer. It’s just a dark, dirty, warehouse space. There’s no windows. So you can’t tell what time of day it is when you’ve been in there for hours at a time. As dumb, or as cliché as this probably sounds, I think all the recordings made there sort of reflect that atmosphere. You also can’t really record in there when other bands are rehearsing because of the bleed factor. So you always have to schedule recording at oddball times or work things out with the other bands in the building.
Do you have any weird stories from this past tour? 
Nothing super crazy. Our van decided to die at a gas station in Milwaukee on this past tour. I sold it pretty much on the spot to a scrap yard for $350. We had to hire a driver to finish the tour. We didn’t have to cancel any shows though. So that was good. I actually don’t mind breakdowns though. They keep things interesting on the road. A couple years ago on tour, we went back to this kids house to stay after a show. Ryan and I walked in and this kid had about 3 weeks worth of dog poop on his living room floor. Every piece of furniture was just destroyed. Ripped apart by dogs. Ryan and I literally turned around, walked out of the house, got in the van, and drove off. It was insane. It was the most disgusting house I’ve ever seen in my life.
Can you tell us anything to expect from the new album?
It’s definitely a progression from the first LP and the split. Theme wise, it’s definitely a personal record. Not to sound cheesy, but I think it definitely captures the last year and a half of our lives. I hate to say it’s concept record, but it probably is.
How did you find out Relapse wanted to sign you?  Was it a life-affirming moment? :)
After we completed the Cough split, they invited us to stop by the offices in Philadelphia while we were up there to play some Northeast shows. They said they were big fans and were excited at how the split turned out. We just sort of stayed in touch with them and they expressed interest in doing a full length LP. I assumed at that time it would just be a one off record or something. But they started a dialogue with us about a contract, and I had a few phone conversations with them, so they made us an offer. That was over the course of a month or so. They’re a business, but they’re also just genuinely nice people that are music fans. That’s really important to us. And honestly, it just seemed like we really needed to take that next step as a band too. The whole thing was just really flattering. We didn’t seek them out. They asked us because they were already fans. I don’t think it was a life-affirming moment, but it’s definitely an honor to have our record along side some of the bands that inspired us to play music.
What did you grow up listening to? What are you listening to lately?
 As a child, growing up in the late 70’s/early 80’s, I was really into KISS. I’d listen to my parents Beatles records a lot too. I wasn’t into sports at all, so instead I’d just sit in my room and listen to records and play with Star Wars toys all day. In my early teen years, 1987 or so, I got into The Sex pistols, The Butthole Surfers, PIL, Black Flag, Metallica, Slayer, The Dead Kennedys…and a lot of late 80’s sort of “college rock.” Stuff like REM, The Pixies, all the early SUB POP bands, Jane’s Addiction, etc. I just hated all that hair metal garbage that was around at the time. To this day it still makes my blood boil. But lately I’ve been listening to a lot of compilation LP’s. I’ll buy anything with R. Crumb artwork, so I got this compilation of traditional Albanian folk songs he did the cover art for. That record’s been on repeat for like a year. I have all these old Time Life classical compilations from the 70’s called “Great Men of Music” that I play at home a lot. The E.T. soundtrack also. Because I love John Williams so much. As far as heavy music, lately I haven’t listened to very much honestly. I like the Druglord LP a lot and I pretty much played the new Queens of the Stone Age record to death.
Do you have a favorite show you’ve ever played? if so, when was it/what was it like?
Unfortunately a lot of the shows are starting to run together in all honesty, but Providence, RI from this last tour was pretty wild. These kids were going crazy. I thought maybe a much better, more well know band might be standing behind us or something. It was nuts. It was packed and they were pressed up against the stage just going completely insane. We played “Winter Sun” and they just exploded. I think Dorthia described it as “her teenage rock fantasy come true” or something like that. It was really something else.
Describe your idea of a perfect Saturday in Richmond.
Turner Classic Movies and a bag of potato chips.
Would you ever consider doing any covers?
 We’ve talked about it. I’ve always wanted to do “Citadel” by The Rolling Stones or “4th of July” by Soundgarden. So we’ll see. Maybe someday.
What is your least favorite thing about touring?
I hate being away from my dog Bukka. Especially now that she’s so old. I miss her terribly when I’m on tour. ~
Windhand will be hitting the road soon, but they won’t be back in RVA until October! :(

Windhand - “Amaranth”

Review - Windhand/Cough split, Reflection of the Negative

Cough (pictured far below) and Windhand (pictured just below) have released a split 12” through Relapse Records, and it’s lo-fi doom at its best.  Recorded straight to 15-track tape (one of the tracks is broken), all three cuts exude low-end texture.  It is released on LP, CD, and download format of your choice.  It is highly recommended that one procure a black-LP copy.  You can’t really get the sense of how low everything is with a car’s background noise.  Sure, you can feel it, but you need to be able to feel and hear nuances to get the fullest benefits from these tunes. Windhand guitarist Garrett Morris engineered both bands’ tracks in Windhand’s vast practice space.

Cough’s “Athame” is the entirety of side a, and the slow-building guts of the song almost shake with vibrato fear.  One note held out somehow shifts into a few different tones in its reverberation.   Slow crashing drums assist a grinding electric saw guitar and black metal vocals. 

Windhand’s side begs for you to listen loud.  Gritty cymbals and deep, infernal guitar riffs support the dark priestess Dorthia Cottrell's eerily calm vocals (“Amaranth”).  “Shepherd's Crook” is the loudest track on the record, and its sludgey, humming low-end guitars will bring anybody over to the dark side.  The rough buzz of the guitar is the perfect texture against Cottrell's soaring moans.

The bands have one member in common, Parker Chandler, and he plays bass in Windhand and is bassist/vocalist for Cough. 

The album officially releases April 16, but you can get it at places like Steady Sounds or pre-order from Relapse’s site. You can preorder the white/black splatter swirl vinyl records, too!


Windhand photo by Tony Lynch

Cough photo by 850 Music

Looks like we have to wait until June to catch Windhand.  Tour dates include:

June 5th Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar (Upstairs)
June 6th Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House
June 7th Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus Bar
June 8th Providence, RI @ AS220
June 9th Boston, MA @ O’Briens’s
June 10th Cherry Valley, NY @ Steve’s Koi Pond
June 11th Buffalo, NY @ The Funeral Home
June 12th Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski’s
June 13th Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
June 14th Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge
June 15th St. Paul, MN @ The Turf Club
June 16th Milwaukee, WI @ Riverwest Public House
June 17th Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn
June 18th Newport, KY @ South Gate Revival House
June 19th Nashville, TN @ TBA
June 20th Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light
June 21st Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s
June 22nd Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter

Cough will be in Europe in April and then the Martyrdoom Fest in Brooklyn June 28.