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You may or may not have noticed a brief lack of posts in the past week, so be prepared for a little catch-up post onslaught.  Sometimes we have to slow down, take a little time to write our own music, and phase the fuck out.  We’ve got to take a step back and look at everything from a different perspective in order to arrange the next move.  Tricks are up a few sleeves, my friends.  Stay tuned!!


Hard Stripes by Caitlin O’Connor

Our girl Caitlin O’Connor has taken some more awesome photos of house shows, and the above is Hard Stripes @ The Casa Fiesta in DC on 1/4.  Check out the rest of the set HERE

Caitlin also took photos of a house show from 12/20 with Knife Creep (VA Beach), Cretins (RVA), Nightstalker (RVA), and GLUE (Austin, pictured below):

Check out more photos from the night HERE.

Tune in for the next house show pics!

RVA Albums We LOVED in 2013

This is the 2nd Installment of Sounds of RVA’s Best of 2013 Redux - RVA Albums We LOVED in 2013.  In no particular order, here are the albums we “loved” this year.  These are albums that we particularly dug but which barely did not make our Top 50 list.  (Please note that if there is no way to listen to your album for free online, then we couldn’t take your album into consideration…this gig doesn’t exactly pay!) There’s clearly a bevy of talent within our greater Richmond city area and its subdivides:


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Image borrowed from Texture Magazine

It’s Best of the Year list time of the year, and we’ve been struggling with a format for a month or so now.  Be prepared: Later today we will release the "RVA albums we liked 2013" and "RVA albums we LOVED in 2013" lists, and then tomorrow comes the rager of our Top 50 RVA Albums from 2013.

After that, in the new year, prepare yourselves for our “Top Singles of 2013,” “Top Live Releases of 2013,” and “Best Shows We Attended 2013.”

Overkill? Yes, indeedy.  But I could not take 200 albums and list them in some sort of order.  That task is a little much, I’m afraid.  And how accurate would those numbers be, you know?

The criteria for these lists goes as follows:

Albums we Loved: These are albums that rocked us hard but didn’t make it to the Top 50. Usually great engineering, quality songwriting, professional musicianship, etc.

Albums we Liked: Albums that didn’t necessarily float our boat, but we could see why fans of that genre would like it. 

Top 50: Albums we more than loved, lived, listened to, learned from, felt things about, or just generally moved us this year.

Stay tuned!

Our buddy Wes Allen is super-talented. 

Bearstorm practice and photoshoot #rva #sunday #music #metal

Bearstorm practice and photoshoot #rva #sunday #music #metal

The Northerners 1.1 on Big Meadow Sessions - “Get Behind Me”

Big Meadow Sessions is back with another episode, this time featuring brother-sister-led The Northerners.  These guys have been making a name for themselves in the jam scene (both locally and in pages of Relix, nbd), and it’s easy to see and hear why.  From the Southern rock inclinations to unusual vocal harmonies, the Northerners are on point in this performance.  Vocalist Ally Khoury conjures ideas of Janis, and her voice in combination with brother Justin Khoury's vocals blends mighty well. 

Big Meadow Sessions is a recurring series of videos produced by Tyler Conta (you may have seen his photographs of bands and show-goers during Radio Rubber Room’s weekly-sponsored shows at The Republic) that originated in the Shenandoah Valley. 

Just an aside: Does Ally’s shirt have “pussy” on it? Too funny.  This lady has some great fashion sense and stage presence, too. 

Catch the Northerners @ The Yerb on 6/12 and @ The Camel on the 4th of July

Sounds Of RVA Presents: On The Horizon, May 2013 | RVA Magazine | Richmond, VA

If you have a second, read this month’s column and stop by Bogart’s on Saturday (5/18) @ 9:00 pm doors, music @ 10 sharp).

Get there early for throwing sacks of beans at wooden targets.  The weather will hopefully be nice!

The Horn RVA Presents The Southern Belles: An Interview (filmed by PJ Desutter; edited by Cameron Vigliano and Desutter)

Progressive jam band The Southern Belles has been getting noticed by everyone lately.  The band recently played some tunes and shot the shit with the crew over at Radio Rubber Room.  Now the band reveals all in PJ Desutter of The Horn RVA's new interview. 

Filmed at a recent gig at the Conch Republic on Valentine’s Day, the video features oddball antics, the history of the band’s coming together, the youngest ‘Belles fan, and a little bit of live playing action. The Southern Belles appear on The Horn RVA Presents Vol. 3, coming out March 10, with their song “Wave.”  

Check out The Southern Belles THIS FRIDAY (3/1) @ The Camel with Moogatu (NoVA/DC electronic jam), 9 pm, $7.